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About us

How it all started

We started this online shop as two friends who had the belief in changing the world a little bit. We are just like you and we know that comfort and time saving for ourselves are the only things that matter the most! 

Our philosophy
Accepting the fact that shopping has changed radically through years, we wanted to create an online shop where people like us will have the opportunity to buy practical, versatile and modern things without having to wait in a long queue all day. Our products’ aim is, above all, to bring to ourselves the flexibility and convenience we need in every aspect of our everyday life. From our home to our work space or our outdoor activities we have this unstoppable need to use products which will make our lives so much easier. Because even when we sometimes don’t realize it, we all striving for some kind of convenience!
Without doubt, we are always on the run and we don’t appreciate the time we have to spend with our loved ones and our family. That was the stimulus behind the creation of this shop. That is why we do our best to provide you with products which will save you time and energy. This dream of us came true, despite the adversities and the problems that we have faced through this journey and we are now more than pleased to admit that people all over the world are able to shop our collections easily and quickly.
The Beateet team