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2-in-1 Smart Band With Bluetooth Earphones

2-in-1 Smart Band With Bluetooth Earphones Beateet Black

2-in-1 Smart Band With Bluetooth Earphones

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Need to pick up a phone call while jogging or hiking? With our smart bracelet, no need to worry about that anymore as we combined it with a smart bracelet and Bluetooth earphones!The newest smart wearable gadget makes your life more intelligent and healthy by motion detection, heart rate detection, and sleep monitor.
HOW TO USE| Connect the bracelet and smartphone with Bluetooth. When the bracelet is ringing, simply pick up the Bluetooth earphones. No need to answer the call by smartphone. Increase driving safety or allows you to focus on workouts. Let's enjoy your intelligent new life with Smart Bracelet! Grab yours now!
2-in-1 Smart Bracelet | Combines with Bluetooth earphones and a smart bracelet. Allows you to pick up a phone call with Bluetooth earphones instead of pick up the smartphone.Handsfree and increase driving safety.
Motion Detecting | Monitors the exercise times, calories, and other data in real-time. When the wearer is in exercise, whether the wearer is walking, running, jogging, or doing any other sports.
Heart Rate Detecting | Detects your heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. Allows you to know about your basic health issues and then guiding you to improve your health condition!
Sleep Monitoring | Improves sleep quality with the function of accurate detection of your sleeping pattern, includes fall-asleep time, light sleep time, deep sleep time as well as wake-up time. Notifications Reminding After connecting to your mobile phone, in case there are incoming text messages or phone calls on your phone, the smart bracelet will vibrate to alert you to reply or answer.
Safe to Wear | Made of anti-allergy metal which is innoxious and safe to wear. Designed in comfortable shape in accordance with ergonomics. Close fit and comfortable.
Water-Repellent |Features with IP44 Graded water repellent designed, which can keep up with high-intensity activities and pull through all weather conditions. Fits comfortably and will stay secure when having rigorous workouts.
  • Weight: 0.1kg
  • Color: Black Watch with Black Leather Band / Gold Watch with Brown Leather Band / Black Watch with Back Rubber
  • Band Size: 26cm x 7cm (10.2" x 0.8")
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x 2-in-1 Smart Bracelet With Bluetooth Earphones
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